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Product Manager - Growth

Job description

The Role

We’re a hyper-growth startup, and hyper-growth is hard. For us to meet our target of growing at 12% MoM, we have to be doing something significantly better than last month, every single month. This requires a scientific, systematic and creative approach to growth, and this is where you come in.

This is a diverse role, with a wide range of responsibilities -- and absolutely crucial for us to keep growing at hyper speed. We describe this role as the ‘CEO of Growth’ and the owner of all growth related objectives. You’ll have your own squad of engineers and access to product design resource to make your objectives happen. Day-to-day, you’ll report directly to the CPO and work with internal stakeholders including the Head of Performance Marketing and Head of Brand.


You’ll take the rapid test-learn-iterate model we’re already running and take it to the next level - you’ll be the architect of our scalable growth machine. Every 6 months we will jointly agree the 1 to 2 key metrics we want to move. Once we have aligned on that, it will be up to you to move them - remember you are the ‘CEO of growth’ so you own these metrics.

This means you’ll need to be proactive in looking for growth opportunities across the business that align with your Key Results, and have a system for prioritising for impact. Then you need to be shrewd, lean and entrepreneurial to make them happen as quickly as possible.

Example Key Results:

  • Increase mobile CR from X to Y (you will effectively be the owner of Plum’s conversion rate!)
  • Increase guest-guest K-factor from X to Y (in collaboration with the brand team)
  • Improve CR of PPC campaigns by X% by optimising our search algorithm for each (in collaboration with the performance marketing team)
  • Increase the average value of leads generated for our Sales team from X to Y
  • Increase the traffic and conversion of non-English speaking markets by cracking a localisation strategy


Who we are looking for

You don’t need to have prior experience in hospitality or travel. The important thing is that you are (long list, for a reason!):

  • Commercial: You are able to show a track record of MoM growth in a fast-paced digital business and target driven. 
  • Analytical: Mathematically natural, data-literate, data-driven and well versed in analytics.
  • Communicator: You have the ability to gather feedback, share ideas, opinions and lead the vision.
  • Open minded: Put aside any assumptions or judgements and merely analyse the information provided. Be able to collaborate across the business with stakeholders and prioritise for impact and speed.
  • Problem solver: Ability to analyze a problem, generate and implement a solution, and assess a plan for success. A key component of this is making decisions very quickly at every step of the product development process.
  • Customer minded: You obsess over the guest experience by digging into their needs and journey. You understand personas and mapping journeys with instinctive UX.
  • Leadership: Lead teams towards a common goal without direct managerial responsibilities, by sharing their vision, influencing at all levels of the organisation and providing a safe space for the engineering teams to do their best.
  • Execute fast and deliver consistently: Break down the long term vision into smaller objectives and enable engineering teams to execute and deliver consistently in sprints. Provide clarity to cross-functional teams on the status of projects at all times.
  • Process: You care  deeply about processes of engineering teams and have proven experience working in agile, writing user stories and acceptance criteria. Your tools allow you to map the progress of product development against company goals and business targets.
  • Super entrepreneurial: You care about getting shit done. And when obstacles inevitably get in the way, you know how to hustle.


  • An unparalleled opportunity to become an expert in start-up scaling: not only will you lead the operational expansion in a VC backed business, but will be coached by some of the best.
  • You’ll participate in the option scheme. Suffice to say, our ambition is that everyone does extremely well out of Plum. Hopefully, the fact that we are backed by top tier investors gives you the confidence that we are not alone in believing Plum will make it big. 
  • Genuine influence and control: you will work daily with the founders and management team to shape the company strategy and direction.
  • Be an early team member of what we believe will be one of the most famous startups of the next 10 years.
  • Be part of a passionate, friendly and transparent culture: you will be part of discussions on tech, fundraising, product, brand and global expansion.
  • Competitive salary