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  • New York City, United States

Account Manager

Job description

The Role

We have an ambitious plan to open 6 new cities in the US in the coming months, in addition to LA & New York City which we successfully launched in 2018. We’re looking for the all-star team who will launch the new cities from our brand new office in New York. A city team is comprised of two people - a Head of Growth and an Account Manager. The Head of Growth is responsible for finding and adding the best homes in the city that will help us hit our sales targets. And the Account Manager is responsible for the quality and performance of those homes when they’re in the collection. 

What does success look like? You’ll have hit the ball out of the park if you have:

  1. Onboarded the 200 most desirable homes in your city before official launch in January 2020
  2. Merchandised the homes on our website beautifully (incredible photography, copy, design) - driving high booking rates
  3. Achieved an NPS score (guest satisfaction score) in your city in the top 1% of the travel industry 


This is a highly entrepreneurial role that will require initiative and hard work. To bring it to life, here is what you can expect to be doing:

  1. Obsess over hitting the daily, weekly and monthly targets for onboarding new homes - the #1 driver of sales
  2. Oversee the production of the listings (photos, descriptions, area recommendations) and be the final check for quality control
  3. Be the guardian of quality for your city collection: ultimately deciding what passes and doesn’t pass the Plum test
  4. Communicate our expectations and standards to every host who joins the collection and inspire them to deliver hospitality
  5. Deliver feedback to hosts after guest stays to help improve their service. Also decide which homes remain or are removed from the collection
  6. Cultivate the community of hosts in your city, making Plum their favourite platform. Do so through creative communication, meetups and events
  7. Continuously innovate our process: use guest and host feedback to generate new and better ways of doing things. Implement these new processes in your everyday tasks 

Job requirements

Who are we looking for?

You don’t necessarily need experience in hospitality, design or curation. The important thing is that you are: 

  1. Super entrepreneurial: You care about getting shit done. And when obstacles inevitably get in the way, you know how to hustle
  2. A problem solver: no problem is unmanageable for you  
  3. An incredible people’s person: amazing at persuading and inspiring.  You are super likeable, enjoy getting to know people and are great at building relationships
  4. A team-player with leadership skills. You love to train and work with individuals, especially those with a design background
  5. A taste-maker: Obsessive about design, style, photography and copy. You have a great eye and plenty of confidence in your creative vision
  6. A sharp eye for detail: you notice the small things. A sub-standard photo or badly written copy, would never get past your inspection 
  7. You have a really good instinctive understanding of what makes good service and hospitality 
  8. You have unreasonably high standards for what is good enough
  9. An extremely effective communicator (oral and written): able to be persuasive when selling and firm when outlining and enforcing our quality standards 
  10. A confident self-learner: confident at teaching yourself to do things you have never done before on a daily basis
  11. You fit the Plum brand values and culture, and will leave a great impression on hosts
  12. A foundational understanding of brands is a plus
  13. And if you want to make us feel like we’ve won the lottery, you’ll have in-depth knowledge of one or more of the following cities: Miami, Boston, Washington, San Diego


  1. An unparalleled opportunity to become a start-up expert: You will learn how a start-up opens a city, pulls together plans, hires creatives, executes and builds digital products
  2. If you make your objectives happen, you will inevitably be one of the most sought out talents in the start-up, creative and hospitality industry
  3. Genuine influence and autonomy to build The Plum Guide in your city: you will be able to bring to life your creative vision for your collection 
  4. Be a team member of what we believe will be one of the most famous startups of the next 10 years 
  5. Be part of a passionate, friendly and transparent culture
  6. Plenty of opportunities to grow into new roles
  7. Competitive salary and options scheme: our ambitions are huge and we hope it pays out for all